Donation Budget BreakdownOverview

Medical Missions for Children (MMC), is a Paterson, NJ based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been focused on improving the quality of medical treatment and outcomes provided to critically ill children throughout the world since 1999.

Our mission to “transfer medical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it,” has been a rewarding journey that continues to evolve.

Today, not only does Medical Missions for Children help diagnose and treat sick children in underserved hospitals globally (Telemedicine), we help educate medical professionals (Global Video Library of Medicine / Medical Broadcasting Channel), entertain sick children (Giggles Children's Theater), and help other charitable organizations diversify.

For MMC to be sustainable over the long-term, programs were developed to stabilize the roller-coaster cycle of donations. These “for profit ventures” provide a long term annuity for the charity. The programs include, a creative design agency (Concept 2 Reality), a recording and live production event facility (MMC Panasonic HDTV Studios) and our future funding engine, an event center and hotel (The Hamiltonian)

Proceeds from these for profit programs support the charity. We value donations but create sustainability the old fashioned way - we work for it.  Read more